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We want to show the world that Indian food has the power to change the way we feel. We deliver sustainable, balanced, regional Indian food that’s handmade and convenient across London.

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Discover Your Dosha

The Science of Life

Our simple and easy to take questionnaire is designed to look at the parameters of body function and emotional predisposition, using an algorithm that’s firmly rooted in Ayurvedic principles. The emphasis is on qualities like “hot”, “cold”, “oily” and “dry”, and their effects on physical, mental and emotional functions instead of just calculating the statistical predominance of your responses.

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How to Tula

Discover Your Dosha

Our quick Ayurvedic Body Type test will create personalised, seasonal menu choices for everyone, whether eating alone or with your partner, family or colleagues.


Once you have discovered your dosha or body type, have a look at our menu for dishes designed specifically for that body type and you can order those on Deliveroo or Uber Eats

Choose Your Food

Order a single meal, food for the whole day or our 3 day Meal Prep bundles of balanced dining. Tula’s food showcases the diversity and variety of Indian food with recipes that have been painstakingly researched and sourced from thousands of home kitchens across India.


Your food is on its way! Cooked with the finest ingredients in our kitchen, blast chilled for freshness and ready for you to reheat at your convenience.


Blast chilling locks in the nutrients. It ensures that the food retains its taste, colour and texture and reduces the risk of contamination.


Your delicious, fresh food arrives in the most sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging available. It’s microwave, oven and freezer proof too.


Reheat right away or keep in chilled. Tula is designed to be enjoyed at a time that suits you and your busy life.