How an Ayurvedic lifestyle could help you fight Coronavirus

22nd May 2020

By lauren


We live a world where everything is calculated with statistics and data analysis. Currently, with the international pandemic of Covid-19, scientists are finding generalized trends and helping governments make important decisions for millions of peopleDecisions that many of us and our loved ones greatly depend on. However, whilst we’re feeling lost within an endless news cycle of numbers and graphs, it’s easy to forget that those numbers represent individual stories, biologically very different bodies and ultimately human lives.  

While Ayurveda agrees that treatment for health conditions must be studied and standardized for practical purposes, often unlike modern day western science, it also recognizes the need for personalized health plans. It places importance on the wide variety of mental, environmental, emotional, and physical factors a human normally interacts with every single day. Simply put, that’s why Ayurveda recommends a diet based on your own individual body type.  

“You might benefit from a warm, spiced soup rather than a cold salad – even though, in Western culture, the salad would be generally considered healthier”

Within Ayurveda, Doshas (body types named VataPitta Kapha) act as three generalized basesEach of the Doshas has its own designated human qualities, such as diet, activities, climate, temperature, rest and digestion. Once we have these common scales, we measure each of these essential pillars of our health and adjust our maintenance plan accordingly. In short, you can make decisions for your own body, rather than following generalized plans put in place by larger corporations or governments.  

For example, a person with Vata nature could always feel cold and probably has dry skin tendency. If this sounds like you, you might benefit from a warm, spiced soup rather than a cold salad – even though in Western culture the salad would be generally considered healthierAs learned through Ayurveda, your system will be able to absorb more nutrients from a cooked meal and it might also make you feel less heavy or bloated.  

“Individuality-based mindfulness whilst you look after your own health is more important now than ever before.”

It’s odd to think an ancient over-2000-year-old science is relevant today but having this individuality-based mindfulness whilst you look after your own health is more important now than ever beforeAlthough the threat of Coronavirus is hugely real, it’s been widely reported that many people are dying from having Covid-19 alongside other illnesses too. We’re so focused on washing our hands and covering our mouths – both things incredibly important – that we might be forgetting that our immune system is overwhelmingly coming into play here. Not only do we need to massively caution with the risk of Covid-19, our whole physical fitness needs our attention.  

This makes the launch of Tula timelier than ever, and as much as we hope to nourish your bodies, we also hope to share our knowledge with you too. Although Ayurveda isn’t hugely known in Western culture, it is simply an ingrained part of life back in in India. We believe in it so wholeheartedly; we built a whole business around it. If you fancy it, take our Dosha test, and in 8 simple multiple-choice questions you can immediately find out what your body needs to be healthy today.