How to boost your immune system, using only herbal teas

1st June 2020

By lauren


Who isn’t concerned about their immunity? Especially whilst Coronavirus swarms our newsfeeds and newscyles on an overwhelming hourly basis.

We’re all struggling to find out where to buy those exotic ingredients that we keep hearing people mention. We’re all hunting for a quick fix to make our mornings better, revitalise us, protect us from the outside world and keep our body’s on the right path. Could a hot cup of tea really be the answer?

It’s incredibly easy to introduce healthy, tasty spices into your everyday routine, starting with your morning cuppa.

Ayurveda considers herbs and spices in our kitchen cabinets as the best immune-boosting superfoods. Across India, this is ingrained into daily life and something you simply grow up knowing. You can (and should!) use them in recipes when you’re cooking, but if you’re looking for something even easier, herbal teas are the way to go. It’s incredibly easy to introduce healthy, tasty spices into your everyday routine, starting with your morning cuppa.

Below are four everyday spices that can simply be infused into hot water. Preparing an tasty herbal tea has never been easier! Check out these spices, that you probably already have in your cupboard, along with some of their known health benefits:


Whether in food or in a tea, Ginger is well known all over the world to be incredible for it digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits. Ginger is native to hotter parts of Asia, such as India, China and Japan. We’d suggest popping 1-inch piece crushed in each cup of hot water, and leaving it to infuse for a few moments. Not only will your body thank you, but it tastes great too!


Coming from a plant called Glycyrrhiza, you might better known this plant from it’s North America and Eurasia native species, which produces the better known Liquorice. We know it’s normally in a sweet form, but coming from the same plant, Licorice is super rich in antioxidants. It also supports your immune system massively! We’d recommend just 1/2 teaspoon per cup to give your body the nourishment it deserves (and needs!).


Found all over the India subcontinent and Indonesia as a native plant, Cardamom (also known as Cardamon/Cardamum) is a spice made from the seeds of several plants in the Zingiberaceae family. It’s a beautifully complex flavour; citrusy, minty, spicy, and herbal, and it smells delicious. It’s used in both sweet and savoury recipes, and tastes just as good alone in a tea. Cardamom supports your respiratory function and is high in antioxidants, and is also known the lower your blood pressure. We suggest just 1 whole pod crushed per cup, or ¼ teaspoon powder per cup.


Perhaps you’re used to normally finding nutmeg in sweeter puddings, but you’ll be happy to hear it makes a lovely, warming cup of tea too. This one is best as an evening drink, as it helps to improve the quality of your sleep. Not only this, but as a well-known mood booster, it’s going to relieve the stress of your day too! Use just a little, 1/4 teaspoon of Nutmeg powder per cup. Give it a thorough stir and you’re good to go.

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