Launching soon! Life-changing Indian food.

20th May 2020

By zahid


Inspired by the memories of eating delicious food cooked by friends and family, the incredible variety of regional Indian food, and the wisdom garnered from the ancient science of Ayurveda, Tula’s food philosophy is simple: We want to build a highly engaged community who enjoy good food, the power of storytelling, and who care about what and how they eat.

Meaning “balance” in Sanskrit, Tula is seeking to build a community that is bound together by the belief that eating well helps us live well.  

Eating well is celebrating the many dazzling ways to prepare a simple bowl of rice across the width and breadth of India’s 36 states. Just as there are thousands of varieties of lentils, wild grains and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eating well is understanding that the food that is cooked and served in Indian homes is a far cry from its stereotype of being greasy and heavy, over spiced and mouth-numbingly hot. Eating well is learning the many stories that live within each recipe – the specific blend of spices, the deliberate choices of ingredients tell us about when and why it was prepared in a particular way. 

Tula puts Indian food within easy reach of anyone who enjoys great seasonal food, bursting with flavour and made with sustainably produced and ethically sourced produce. At Tula we are taking our passion for regional Indian food, and our commitment to our planet, to create delicious Indian meals, personalised, through the science of Ayurveda.

 Ayurveda, or ‘the science of life’, dates back more than 5,000 years, yet it is more relevant today than ever before. According to this ancient science, there are three ‘Doshas’, or mind/body types – Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Your Dosha is your fingerprint, unique to you. And each Tula Meal is customised for your specific Dosha with a balanced variety of dishes to help you eat and live well. 

We believe that each one of us carries an edible archive within our bodies and minds and are excited to share our recipes and stories with our community of #TulaFolk, and hope that you too will share yours as we prepare to launch Tula.

Together, let us discover the incredible diversity of the best home-cooked cuisine from around India.