Looking after your mind, as well as your body

30th June 2020

By Ria Pawar


The last few months have seen a chaotic surge on social media and the news. We’ve had rushes of international pandemic facts and updates, and ongoing advice on how best to deal with it.
Often, we think about our body’s intake of food for well being- especially when Tula is around. Undoubtedly, our minds also deserve this consideration. In a time of uncertainty and anxiety for most of us, self care has become priority. 
Rituals of meditation, grooming and diet are all over the internet and our social media. We are inundated with suggestions on how to’s, inspirational accounts to follow and constant fads to engage in.
For those of us who have work and family life to keep us occupied, we still seek a few moments of respite. Most of us turn to the internet and social media for a quick recap of what is happening. Hunting for anything to offer us a moment of comfort or distraction.
We navigate through news and articles, opinions and tweets on the current state of the world and rightly so, in this time of turmoil. But do we underestimate the residual negative impact it may have on us?
Feeding our minds, as well as our bodies, has a direct impact on our wellbeing. Nourishing them with imagery and information that will enhance that wellbeing is just as important as discovering what does not, and perhaps may be triggering negative emotions. 
Much like a heavy meal walloped in gusto, sometime later we feel bloated, uncomfortable and cranky. Our minds and bodies react similarly to what we absorb. We must be gentle with ourselves at this time and responsibly expose ourselves to what we truly think we can handle.
Think of it as an Ayurvedic diet for the mind. A full & beautiful lifestyle.
Being well informed is important. Perhaps liking all your friends posts is your way of supporting a view, a concern, or a moment. Every piece of information you come across may affect you in a negative way. It is okay to mute some accounts or just steer clear of certain platforms that may aggravate your state of calm.
Health, food, news, fashion, books, architecture, design and so on. Whatever triggers happy, hopeful or inspirational thoughts for you is what you should be engaging with. If it doesn’t, set it aside for now.
As we are slowly inching our way back into a post Covid-19 lifestyle, a little bit of extra editing on social media platforms is expected. We have all collectively been through something uncomfortable and are coming out of a surreal situation, changed forevermore.
Just as we feed our bodies to be at their best, we must feed our minds to be at their best too.