NEW DISH ALERT: Tula x Vegan At Tiffs: Goan Khatkhate

4th November 2020

By lauren


We are very excited to announce a collaboration with Vegan At Tiffs for a brand new dish on the Tula menu, in celebration of World Vegan Day. 

Tiff says of the dish “I have worked closely with Tula’s Founder and Executive Head Chef over the last month to create a dish that includes my fave healing spices, fresh veg and the science of Ayurveda and marries them together. From channa dal & fresh coconut to pumpkin & parsnips. I have to say, it is packed with flavour!!”

The dish, Goan Khatkhate – comes from one of Goa’s unexplored cuisines. This vegetable dish from the Goud Saraswat kitchens of the beach state is beautifully nuanced. Still a secret of many home kitchens, this dish packs a coconut flavoured punch – and is entirely vegan, of course.

Tiff is a brilliantly talented London based vegan instagrammer. A self-confessed foodie, she maintains a beautiful feed and has a love of interacting with and hearing about other vegans and what they enjoy eating. 

Tiff has been vegan for four years now and has watched the number of plant-based options sky rocket, her favourite spots in London are street food markets on Brick Lane and Broadway Market. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with someone as passionate as we are! 

Grab your dish on Deliveroo or UberEATs today!

We are all aware of the pretty serious situation we face currently in regards to human impact on the environment. Eating plant-based is something we have personal control over when so many other things can seem bigger than us. Cutting out or cutting down on meat and dairy products is a great way to decrease our inevitable impact and it is why at Tula we have made 50% of our menu vegan. Let’s change the perception that meat is the centre of a meal.

You can read more about our commitment to sustainability in food here.