5 reasons your Dosha can change overnight

2nd June 2020

By Dr Mathew


If you’ve taken our Dosha body type test, you’ll know whether you’re Pitta, Vata or Kapha. According to the ancient-yet-hugely-relevant science of Ayurveda, each has a hugely different set of physical attributes, personality and lifestyle. It’s common sense that all of us should be adjusting our everyday life to suit who we are as individuals, and diet comes into play here. At Tula, all of our food is linked to one of those Doshas, so you can personalise your food choices dependant on your own needs. After all, you know your body better than anyone.

Did you know your Dosha type can often change? So many outside factors come into play, and some days you might feel like you resonate with differing Doshas. Perhaps it’s changed overtime as you’ve grown as a person, perhaps it adjusts when you moved home and location or perhaps there’s something beyond your control affecting you. No matter what it is, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to your own body’s adjustments. Food that your body may need and can gain maximum nutrition from often changes – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. We must listen to these changes.

Here’s 5 ways your Dosha can change, be affected and adjust throughout your lifetime:

1. How’s the weather?

The climate you are exposed to will often impact your Dosha balance. Hot weather could be Pitta aggravating. Similarly, cold weather disturbs Vata and Kapha body types. Look at your everyday surroundings, follow your body’s response to seasons changing, pay attention to the physical difference when you go on holiday. Weather can have more impact than you think.

2. Is stress getting to you?

Unsurprisingly, stress (mental and physical) can change your Dosha balance, both immediately and in the long run. In the Western world, it’s known for affecting your body in many situations. However, In Ayurveda it’s commonly known to specifically affect a Vata imbalance.

3. Caught with your hand in the cookie jar?

Another outside influence on your Dosha imbalance is sugary and processed foods. For example, chocolate and sugary snacks usually disturb both Kapha and Pitta body types. It’s hugely important to watch how your body responds to certain food groups.

4. Is it your birthday soon?

Growing pains and growing changes. Your Doshas change broadly from Kapha in childhood to Pitta in middle ages. As we grow up, a Vata Dosha tends to increase naturally in everyone. Pay attention – your lifestyle should adjust accordingly. It causes increased dryness and a feeling of cold. Sound familiar?

5. Stuck in a busy city, or deep in the countryside?

Every place has a different Dosha influence. A bustling city or cold mountain will be mostly Vata provoking. On the flipside, a water logged and calm countryside will increase Kapha nature. Your location will change your body’s needs.

Keep paying your body the attention it needs and deserves. It’s truly one of the most important things you could ever do for yourself.

Fancy having a look at your own body? Find out what Dosha you are today by taking our 2 minute Dosha test, and match your food choices to what you need right now.