So, what is your Dosha?

19th November 2020

By lauren


One of the most important things here at Tula is the personalisation of our menu. To know what to eat for your body type is a step towards understanding it better, nurturing your wellbeing and fixing it when there are problems!

We have an incredibly quick and easy test, designed to make it real easy to find out your Dosha. It has been created in partnership with an expert on the ancient science, the brilliant Dr Shijoe Mathew Anchery.

Find out your Dosha in 60 quick seconds here.


Perfect for Kapha

A Kapha usually needs lots of rest, feels heavy or bloated after eating, and might lack energy. Sounds like you? Then our food recommendations are for dishes that are light and flavourful, cooked with stimulating spices and is particularly nourishing for a Kapha type. Baingan ka Bharta, our smokey aubergine mash and Jhinga Miriwale, Tiger prawns with the sharpness of black and green peppercorns are perfect for Kaphas.

Perfect for Pitta

A Pitta usually has oily skin, suffers intense hunger and get frequent tension headaches, as a result our food suggestions focus on being cooling and nourishing for Pitta types.  Murgh Korma, Braised chicken stew with yogurt, cardamom, saffron and almonds and Lagan nu Ishtew, a squash, yam, potato and carrot stew with turmeric, green chillies and jaggery are both ideal for Pitta body types. 

Perfect for Vata

A Vata usually feels cold, becomes easily tired and has a restless mind. If that’s the case, we’d suggest dishes cooked in warming spices that are particularly nourishing for Vata types. Chukhandar ka Gosht, slowly stewed beef with beetroot and Ghanta tarkari, potatoes, green beans & cauliflower spiced with fennel, cumin, mustard and chilli are well suited to Vata body types. 


Grab a dish made directly for your body type at tulafood.com/order – thanks for supporting us.