Tula Loves: Top 10 things to do in South London

7th October 2020

By lauren


The flow of the river, the award winning parks, the bustling food scene. Does it get better than South London? As you already know, Tula delivers from a kitchen in the heart of Battersea, South London. What you may not know, is that our small team are all live in South London individually – and we feel rather passionately about it.

There’s an answer to that famous North / South of the river debate, and undoubtedly, unequivocally the answer is: South.

Here’s 10 things you should do in South London, should you ever find yourself on the best side of the city…

1. Parks & commons

We know we’ve started with an obvious one here, but it’s unmissable. The parks & commons across South London are part of the Londoner lifestyle we all adore so much. Whole communities are built surrounding them. In the warmer months, we have wide open green spaces covered with happy faces, picnic blankets, squeals of children and someone desperately trying to grab hold of a dog lead. In the colder months, these become frosted safe havens with frozen over ponds, ideal for evening strolls wrapped in thick scarves – and inevitably, someone is still chasing after that dog lead. Richmond Park, Battersea Park, Clapham Common, Brockley Park, Peckham Rye Park & Common and so many more.

2. Street art and graffiti

Graffiti might have had a bad reputation before, but South London boasts some of the best Street Art there is. From Jimmy C’s iconic David Bowie memorial on Tunstall Road in Brixton to Ingrid Beazley’s Dulwich Outdoor Gallery classical art-inspired urban artworks in the local streets – we’ve got the best of the best here.

3. Iconic outdoor food markets

Who doesn’t love running in-between stalls, grabbing a dish from talented chef and sharing them all with your loved ones? Add a little wine, and this is pretty much our ideal Sunday afternoon. South London’s outdoor food markets are known far and wide, and often what out-of-towners have on their Must See list. Though there are many, our favourite has to be Matlby. Something of a miracle, Maltby Street Market is jammed down a cramped little alleyway with ever extending stalls lining either side. Be warned: the smell alone will cause serious hunger.

4. Local cinemas

It’s not often we have time to pop to the cinema, with Tula’s kitchen being open and eager, hungry faces awaiting us, but when we do there’s a lot to choose from locally. South London’s cinemas are often smaller, local places. You normally know the team working that night, and they all seem to have a great bar. Independent arthouse cinema Clapham Picturehouse is our local (visited just last week!) but we have a soft spot for Deptford Cinema. It’s a not-for-profit community led project that battles against the rising cost of cinema tickets, and is the oldest cinema in Lewisham.

5. Peckham’s Bussey building

Something everyone must’ve visited as a South Londoner, young or old, is the Peckham Bussey Building. It truly does have something for everyone. Housing the Rooftop Film Club, the self proclaimed “Tropical Rooftop Oasis” has one of the best views in the whole city. It’s impossible to not have come across The CLF Art Cafe within the Bussey Building, running across 5 floors, (usually) hosting leading events in music, theatre, dance, film, art and more. Personally, our favourite part is the Rye Wax shop, where we have hunted down many a vinyl record.

6. Drinking… in toilets

Hear us out, okay? Two of our most frequented spots happen to be old school toilets, now both turned into particularly a beautiful, cosy bar. Art school graduate George Garnier opened Bermondsey Arts Club, an art deco-style cocktail bar and music venue in Southwark in 2018, and we’re slightly hooked to their cocktails. The other option is WC, deep under Clapham Common tube station, who won a space in our hearts based on the pun-in-name alone. The local owners spent 2 years renovating pre-opening, and the outcome is spot on. Pair it with the top quality wine and charcuterie, there’s really only one thing left to say: get the Camembert.

7. Foodie “hot spots”, such as Brixton Village

South London is well known for its popular foodie status. We’re big believers in supporting local businesses, so if you’re ever hunting one of Tula’s team members down, you’re best starting with Brixton Village. Opened in 2009, Brixton Village is a solid base for any newcomer on the food scene. In particular, we’re fans of OKAN for authentic Japanese food, Kaosarn for award winning Thai, and super newly opened The Tapas Room for particularly outstanding Spanish nibbles.

8. Theatre

Society of London Theatre said that 15.3 million of you also bought theatre tickets in 2019 from their venues – that’s 1 million more than Broadway. We are keenly keeping an eye on South London’s many local theatres, ready to pounce once they reopen. It’s often raw, not quite as polished and incredibly eye opening. Tula’s favourites are Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell, Theatre Peckham and Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham.

9. Albert Bridge

Often known for being the prettiest bridge across the Thames, Wandsworth’s Albert Bridge is one to see at night. Dusk comes and on turns the ‘fairy lights’. Suddenly, the whole bridge is awash with beauty, and walking from one end to another feels simply magical.

10. Food made for home eating –

We can’t have this list without including delivery food and, of course, specifically Tula in it. Launching during the pandemic, we’ve hit the ground running. Tula creates feel good Indian cuisine that’s personalised for your body type, and we’re firmly focussed on our local community. We have a partnership with Akshaya Patra, meaning every meal you buy from us, we’ll feed a person in need across the UK. Enough about us though, there are several other local brands we adore! Macro Food is next door to our kitchen, and these health focussed guys are ones to watch as they open their second site too. Another local we truly love is Juici Jerk, offering new age Caribbean cuisine, with a Mac n Cheese to die for. South London’s food hosts some of the finest food in the UK. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it.